Birth Story

My Birth Story Luandi Sophia Benade born on the 11th of May at 15:55, first confused by my weight showing 2.23 and then only to find I am a little bit bigger than we thought at first 3.07 kg. We still figuring out where my length is coming from 57cm, but enough of this, here is my birth story. How exciting!

My journey started with a letter to my grandparents announcing me as little bump 😊. Then the question where to from here. Granny found Kathleen`s Mother and Baby Clinic on Facebook, so daddy made an appointment and went to see the clinic.

What an amazing birthing Centre, so welcoming (remember now new parents not really knowing anything) we met with Carol the HR lady, and she gave us a tour through the Centre and explained how everything works we signed our contract, and this is how our journey started.

My first appointment was scheduled for evaluation to check if all is ok had a blood test did my Sonogram and confirmed all looks good for natural birth, I was in two minds at first about natural and C-Section. But it did not take allot for me to change my mind to have normal birth (Earth Birth)

It was a very personal and warming experience never left the Centre without having all the answers and guidelines for the next steps there was nothing cold and clinical about my experience. I was petrified the closer it got to me having my baby more paranoid, but is I was quickly put at ease through the clinic support system what`s app`s and the personal contact, no question was ever seemed and stupid or a bother Sister Kathleen and Lindsay my midwife and doula.

Oh, how things change quickly my midwife had a operation and could not be there when I went in labor. Little did I know my little madam decided her due date is not suitable for her the 5th of May she decided 4:15 am on the 11th of May this is the day. Sister Juane the midwife took over and what a wonderful experience and comfort she offered along with Lindsay. We had a little competition in the room next door the poor midwifes were kept on there toes between my baby and the baby next door decided to make this a birthing contest to see who is going to be first. Eventually Sister Alri and Bianca jumped in to assist.

The guidance received from Juane and Lindsay throughout every emotion and pain I experience is beyond words without them I would not have made it through the journey. Lindsay sure has the magic touch with her EPIDURAL HANDS she rubbed all the pain away. Luandi was born with the support of My husband and the team at Kathleen`s Mother and Baby Clinic. I will recommend the birthing Centre to any new Mom Or anyone planning to have babies and not knowing the starting point to contact this team.

Once again THANKS TO ALL, our experience does not end here this will be a forever relationship through a delicate touch and the baby clinic through Luandi growing up and checking in at the baby clinic

Thank you from the Benade Team

Jacky Ruan and Luandi 

We love you all


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