Palmira Birth Story

Wow where do I even begin. Just for some background, my birth at Kathleen’s Centre was my 2nd natural birth, my 1st born had me in labour for 2 hours and voila she was there! This left with the impression that my 2nd birth could be even shorter, but my baby had other plans for me.   On […]

The birth of Alessio Romos Shokkos

What an experience it was, as a first-time mom finding out at the age of 21 that I was pregnant was never really ideal or planned. It definitely took some time to get used to. Going to scan after scan doctor after doctor I still wasn’t comfortable until we heard about Kathleen’s Mother and Baby […]

Why Wait Until 6 Months For Solids?

  It’s a common question we get from moms with infants less than 6 months old in our breastfeeding centers. Can I start my baby on solids now? Parents are often told it’s time to give solids from grandparents and relatives who started their babies on solids at an earlier age. However, the latest recommendations […]

Sunita Potgieter Birth Story

Sunita Potgieter Birth Story

My story about an amazing experience at Kathleen’s Mother and Baby Unit ❤ Sunita and I found out we were becoming parents on the 16th of December 2022. We were quite taken aback about the idea of having our first born in the next 9 months, but we had to get thinking! We struggled to […]

Tertia VRVO My Birth Story

Tertia VRVO My Birth Story

My story begins with hope… I hope we will be able to have another child, a sibling for our daughter Elizabeth. After Elizabeth’s birth, we struggled to get pregnant again. We tried and tried, for almost 7 years and nothing. We gave up hope that we will be able to expand our family. On my […]

Jani Johnson Birth Story

When I first got pregnant I was absolutely sure that I wanted to do a natural home birth as my previous experience was not at all good, so I started looking into getting a midwife when I came upon Kathleen’s. From the start it felt like the right decision, I went for my first appointment […]

Nichole Lowton

I’ve always dreamed of having a normal dilvery but was unfortunately robbed of the opportunity in my previous delivery with my first born. I was told my cervix was too small, I needed an emergency c section or mine and my child’s life would be in danger as her cord was wrapped around her neck. […]

Chane Burger Birth Story

So our journey began, 2nd round of IVF August 2022 and we fell pregnant. From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I was I was preparing myself, mind and body to go natural birth. Having had two previous C-Sections I knew that I would have to search high and low for a gynecologist and […]

Birth Story

My Birth Story Luandi Sophia Benade born on the 11th of May at 15:55, first confused by my weight showing 2.23 and then only to find I am a little bit bigger than we thought at first 3.07 kg. We still figuring out where my length is coming from 57cm, but enough of this, here […]

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