Chane Burger Birth Story

So our journey began, 2nd round of IVF August 2022 and we fell pregnant.

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I was I was preparing myself, mind and body to go natural birth.
Having had two previous C-Sections I knew that I would have to search high and low for a gynecologist and Midwife to make my dream come true.

At around 20 weeks I got in touch with Juanita from Enchanted births, and what a lovely person she understood my dream and promised to find me the team that would give me the chance to go for Vbac2.
Time was ticking and I was getting closer to my due date, I remember sending Juanita a watsup and telling her that I’m 29 weeks already and if by that Friday we don’t find a midwife willing to assist with a Vbac2 that I will have to settle with a 3rd C-section..
And guess what?  On that very Friday morning Juanita spoke Sr Kathleen at Kathleen’s mother and baby birth unit, and they were willing to give me the chance for a Vbac2.

We met with Sr Kathleen, I was around 30 weeks pregnant, and from the minute we walked into the unit, we were greeted with smiles and so much compassion.
I felt at home and knew this is where I wanted my Vbac2 dream to come true. Not once was a afraid about the decision I made, not once did I have or feel any doubt in Sr Kathleen’s team.

Every appointment from there onwards was so loving so welcoming, I made friends for life..

And so the journey continued, all was going well. The scan showed that all was good and measuring well and that Vbac2 should not be a problem at all.

In the last month following up to my due date which was 18 April 2023, I would watsup nearly every midwife and doula at Kathleen’s asking for advice, until one night the 12th of April 2023 my water broke at around 20:30 I immediately made contact With Sr Kathleen and explained to her what was happening, and because we stay in Roodepoort and Kathleen’s birth unit is in Boksburg she told us to come in and bring my hospital bags along.
I then started with Contractions,  not that painful yet, we had a 38 min drive to Kathleen’s by the time we got there they had my room ready, and candles burning,  soft Christian music playing, and it was Realy amazing.
Sr Kathleen and Bianca helped make me very comfortable and got me settled in.
My husband Oliver was by my side every minute, nervous and not too sure what was happening but with the love and patience shown to us he settled in well.

Because I had 2 previous C-Sections Alot of precautions was taken and put into place. Kathleen made sure that their back up gynecologist Dr shava was ready if need be. When arriving at Kathleen’s we did have a important discussion that if it comes to a point where Sr Kathleen felt it’s for the safety of myself and my Unborn son that we be taken to the hospital for an emergency C-section that I would accept that and trust Sr Kathleen. Which I did I trusted her fully and I knew she would do what was safely possible for me to have my Vbac2, but God had other plans.

Dr Shava was on standby at Lakeview hospital.
The Dr said we should trial labor  for 4  hours. During this period we had so many giggles with Sr Kathleen and Bianca, the time went by so quickly.  The care they both have for a mommy and her unborn child is truly amazing, and I have never seen such compassion for a persons daily job as I see with them.
So the clock is ticking…
We now at about 1am or 2am and I’m not dilating at all, it’s as if my body just won’t work with me.
We gave it another hour and then I was only 1cm dilated..
At that moment Sr Kathleen was Checking my cervix and she then said that I will have to be transported to the hospital and that I won’t be able to have my Vbac2

At that very moment my dream was shattered, and I broke into tears, I had been mentally and physically preparing for my Vbac2 for 9 months.

But I knew I had more important things to concentrate on at that moment and that was to stay calm and keep my unborn baby boy calm.
Sr Kathleen and Bianca got me prepped for the trip to the hospital, and they let Dr Shava know that I will be there shortly, and they arranged the ambulance for us.

On arrival at the Lakeview hospital we were greeted by Dr Shava,  Wow what an amazing man..
He was so Caring and so concerned and wanted only the best.
The team he had working with him was also a great team and although I was in Alot of pain and crying and begging for the pain to be taken away, not once did they get irritated or make me feel like they are not bothered by my pain.
Dr shava checked my cervix again to make sure I can not still have my dream birth, but was still only 1cm dilated and he confirmed that it will be an emergency C-section.

With Dr shava and his team all went well  and our baby boy Noah was born on the 13th of April at 05:16at a healthy weight of 2,97kg. Ten toes and Ten fingers and a head full of hair.

Although I never got to have my Vbac2, i still had an amazing journey at Kathleen’s and at Lakeview hospital.
If ever in the future I decide to make use of our two embryos we still have frozen at Bioart and it does turn into a positive pregnancy I will for sure go to Kathleen’s again and walk the road with them again.

In life it’s all about that one important decision we make, and Kathleen’s was that one very important decision that I don’t ever regret.
Thank you Sr Kathleen for your amazing love and kindness and for looking after us, and even now a month later I still bug you and your ladies.

Dr Shava thank you,  you and your team were truly amazing.

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