Jani Johnson Birth Story

When I first got pregnant I was absolutely sure that I wanted to do a natural home birth as my previous experience was not at all good, so I started looking into getting a midwife when I came upon Kathleen’s. From the start it felt like the right decision, I went for my first appointment when they took me through the centre to show me everything and tell me how everything works there. 

They are so caring and I was told that since it is my 3rd child waterbirth was the way to go. Of course my husband and I were unsure if that is what we wanted to do but little did we know how the day would end up turning out.

The day had arrived!!!! 27 April on Freedom Day, I started getting surges since 3:00 am. Kathleen then told me to come in at 6:00 am, so my husband and I packed everything in the car and off we went. At 5:45 we stopped at the centre where Lindsay opened for us and got us settled in our room. When I got there my surges were not at all bad and Kathleen examined me. I was 3 cm dilated and we were excited that we were finally going to meet our baby. At 7:45 I was asked if I wanted to get in the bath for some pain relief and  I knew that if I get in baby would be born in the water so I turned to my husband and asked if this is what we wanted to do where he told me to do what feels right for me. So I got into the bath which really helped with my pain and by 8:13am I started pushing and with the help of my wonderful team Kathleen and Lindsay and the support of my husband my baby was born just a mere 2 min after I started to push. I lifted my boy out of the water and up onto my chest. Alexander Richard Johnson

Born on 27 April 2023 at 8:15 am. My little perfection. Wow what an experience. This is by far the best birthing experience I’ve ever had. Thank you Kathleen and team for making us part of your BIG family.

The Johnsons

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