My birth story

My birth story

I had always believed that the plan for my life was in God’s Hands and trusted in Him with my life’s steering wheel. I am writing my story at the age of 30 as a FTM (First time mom)

My estimate due date was 30 June 2022.

It was the Saturday of 25 June 2022 at just after 04h00 in the morning which I woke up startled realising that something was happening ! I eagerly called on my partner to switch the lights on and there it was … My water broke. Oh how excited I was that this day was upon me – overwhelmed with excitement, indeed an early morning surprise.

I phoned Kathleen to inform her of the situation and calming as always she explained to me what was happening and how to handle the situation thereof. She made a call to have me come in at 05h30 based on information shared and just to be safe.

My partner was with me the entire time and without a doubt his support was amazing. He, in the whole process had the courage to record the whole experience for this was important to me.

It was a rainy day that day. Cold.. but heart warming the feeling that our dearest Elizabeth was going to be with us that day.

With each contraction, I reminded myself to keep my mind strong and body relaxed for there was more to come, the unknown. Handling contractions like a champion. Having a natural birth experience was something that I knew from the start of pregnancy I wanted to proceed with; prayed about it; and believed in myself and the God given ability to be able to do so. In my mind there wasn’t going to be anyone who could change my mind for wanting to have this experience, and by the Grace of God, and the Hand of Kathleen’s I was able to have this absolutely beautiful experience.

At 9 cm dilated, the feeling was unreal that the time had some to push. Two hours into pushing, on each intimidating contraction I gave it my all. A final snip welcomed baby Elizabeth into this world at 15h33 on 25 June 2022. A healthy baby girl weighing 4.04 kg’s, 58 cm long, 38cm HC.

I cried my heart out, out of tears of joy! The world in that moment could disintegrate around me… my world became solid when I realized our baby was with us and that I was able to have this beautiful experience. I was, and still is, so thankful to God that all had gone well. Bless Kathleen’s and her team for being so patient, professional, encouraging. I believe that God is the reason our paths crossed. I now look back at my memories, and tear up of absolute joy, thankful for my gift from God.

It’s been 1 month since the arrival of Elizabeth, and it’s been life changing. My world now revolves around this little precious jewel. I am Thankful that I get to spend all my time with Elizabeth whilst on maternity leave. Afternoon naps with Elizabeth have become part of my routine as far possible, as to feel recharged whilst establishing her routine. Being able to breastfeed and build this special bond with my little one is a blessing.

I would choose my story over and over again.

Angie VD Berg

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