Nichole Lowton

I’ve always dreamed of having a normal dilvery but was unfortunately robbed of the opportunity in my previous delivery with my first born. I was told my cervix was too small, I needed an emergency c section or mine and my child’s life would be in danger as her cord was wrapped around her neck. My 2nd pregnancy was different thanks to Kathleen and her team. From the first consult we’ve been treated with kindness, support and love. I was very sceptical about having a Vbac due to my previous experience. I prayed and asked God to make this possible. I knew that God is my creator and Jesus has formed my body, so I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t be possible. Kathleen and team has assured me that everything would be okay, God is in control of this situation and I wasn’t insane in thinking this was possible. I thank God because these people are from God and were sent to my aid in my time of need. They were there to support me every step of the way, comfort and advise me on anything I needed. Always ready to assist me at any time of the day or night. I went into labour on the 26th February at around 5:30pm. I thought it was just a pair. That would go away but got progressively worse. I called in to advise what I was experiencing and was advised to come to the birthing unit. On arrival at about 1:30 am Sr juan was waiting for me and asked to check me up before assuming that I was in labour. I was only 1 cm dilated. She made me comfortable and continued to check on me. After some time I was 3 cm dilated and at this point everyone knew the baby was coming, although I was still in denial that this was the day. I asked hubby to get some snacks for me and he also came in with our bags. At this point the pain was unbearably painful. Sr juan asked me to do some lunges on the staircase. When I was done I was in crucial pain. Lindsay came in to assist and both made me comfortable with a peanut ball. I asked to be on the toilet seat which helped me feel a bit in control of my pain. But still couldn’t bear it. At this point my best friend arrived. I then asked everyone around me to keep praying for me becuase I didn’t know if I was going to make it out alive. The encouragement and support from Lindsay was incredible although I’ve given her a hard time. My water did not yet break but I was about 9cm dilated. Moments later I was told to push when I get surges. I couldn’t deal… Felt like hitting someone. Lindsay reminding me that she is praying and doing her best to help me. My best friend telling me everything would be okay, and reminding me that God is with me and how strong I am. Hubby doesn’t know what to do except look at me with worry in his eyes. Sr juan telling me that I can do this although I am in a state of denial and arguing with her that I’m not capable and cannot… Everyone was amazing. I could never have done it without them. Sr juan asked me to push everytime I felt a surge but I felt so exhausted. I tried my best but couldn’t seem to get it right.  I prayed and was ready to meet my maker. Eventually Sr juan told me that I’m at a point of do or die. So I closed my eyes, and called on Jesus. “Jesus please help me and give me strength. I need you god” and then pushed but felt an added strength to do it. Everyone in the room screaming “yes, push Nichole, you can do it” and not long after the head was out, then I was given a chance to catch my breath and Sr juan told me to push again… And alora was born. 2.7kgs. She was the most beautiful person in the room. I looked at her with amazement of gods creation and said thank you lord, I’m still here. Sr juan stitched me up and by now I was really exhausted. They put alora on my chest, she was gorgeous. Everyone was so proud of me, congratulations everywhere. They then made me comfortable to have a bath before the rest of the team came in to celebrate with us. It was a proud day. All glory to God for my husband who was also ready to assist with whatever was needed, helping me walk and have a wash. Sr Kathleen and Juan, Lindsay and team, you are really sent from God to help people and do his  kingdom work. Thank you

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