Palmira Birth Story

Wow where do I even begin. Just for some background, my birth at Kathleen’s Centre was my 2nd natural birth, my 1st born had me in labour for 2 hours and voila she was there! This left with the impression that my 2nd birth could be even shorter, but my baby had other plans for me.


On Sunday 12 March, I started having some sharp pains in my abdomen that was coming and going and immediately started packing my bag thinking “today would be the day”. We got to the birthing Centre around 18:30 and Sr Juane was waiting for us, she checked me and told us that unfortunately it was a false alarm and it was not time! My heart sank because wow was I tired of being pregnant.


I then started my week off very despondent and still having pains coming and going however not so bad. Then on Tuesday noon, I had my breakfast and felt very nauseous thereafter and vomited it all out and a gush of water also came out of me from below. I then calmly took a bath and alerted my husband who was at work at the time that I will be going to the Centre with my mother after my bath.


We arrived at the Centre and as usual Sr. Juane was already waiting for us, she examined me and found that I was 3cm dilated and in active labour, this was around 2pm. We then made our way up to our room and got comfortable. I was still working and had meetings that I was attending to on video call, breathing through every contraction as it came. My husband also arrived soon thereafter in a rush because we though this one would come faster than our 1st born, little did we know lol!


Around 4pm I was given a quarter of a little pill that would apparently bring on more surges and dilate me more, at this point I was 4cm dilated and lying on the bed with the peanut ball, still in my meetings, eating pizza and chilling like a villain. About an hour after that lethal little pill, I was in excruciating pain with the contractions coming and going.


Around 18:15 I told my mom that I feel like pushing and that she should call the team and so they came along with me in excruciating pain and at this point asking to be taken to the hospital for a C-section as I could not take the pain anymore. When Sr. Juane examined me, she found me to be fully dilated and thereafter with a strong gush my water gushed all over the bed, I must say that eased the pain to an extent. After about 5 minutes of breathing I felt the strong urge to push and the team encouraged me to and so I did, after about 3 hard pushes my baby made her entry into the world and wow was I relieved!


The encouragement of the team, my husband and my mother was amazing and I honestly wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for them. I plan to have 2 more children in my lifetime and will definitely be returning to the Centre!


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