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Rahima’s Birth Story

This being my third pregnancy after the initial one being a natural delivery with an epidural, then a c-section I believe I was duped into… I really wanted another natural delivery. Alas, the very gynae I’d consulted after the c-section on how long to wait before conceiving again, and conceiving another 4 months after her recommended period, said the pregnancy was too soon after the c-section for a VBAC.

I was determined to have a VBAC with or without pain management because of the benefits of a much easier recovery after natural birth. I then consulted another gynae who proceeded to book me for a c-section at the mere mention of my previous c-section without physically assessing me or any other of my medical history.

I met Sr. Kathleen and she believed that I was more than capable of a VBAC.

What I appreciate most it is that her approach wasn’t motivated by zeal, money, or being self-serving, as I suspect may have been the case with the gynaes, but she sought the relevant assurance to manage any risk from the sonographer, Adele, regarding the baby’s size, the healing of the c-section scar, my previous natural delivery and my general well-being.

Once cleared for VBAC I was even more motivated to make a success of it…and a huge success it was.

I had a short labour of about 3 hours, arrived fully dilated and ready to push. I’d psyched myself up for much worse pain than I ended up enduring and at just over 40 weeks I birthed a healthy baby boy of 3.86 kg.

After warnings from a couple of gynaes about how I and my baby would die without a c-section, a healthy delivery was not only rewarding for confidence in my body and its abilities…but also in learning to trust my intuition when it comes to my children’s well being. This served me during the pregnancy, labour, delivery and I STILL see it continue to serve me every day as I raise them.

There could truly be no better gift to a mother, and I thank Sr Kathleen and her team. Now I can’t wait to have a fourth one! Whereas I’d totally written off the idea when the gynaes had me thinking VBAC was a death sentence.

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