Sunita Potgieter Birth Story

Sunita Potgieter Birth Story

My story about an amazing experience at Kathleen’s Mother and Baby Unit ❤

Sunita and I found out we were becoming parents on the 16th of December 2022. We were quite taken aback about the idea of having our first born in the next 9 months, but we had to get thinking!

We struggled to accept the idea that we’re becoming parents, but the closer time came, the more excited we became, and we had to start thinking of where our baby girl would be born.

We had waited until about 7 months to confirm where we’d be going for the first few check-ups before birth. Upon our first appointment, we were very warmly welcome by the team of ladies who’d be attending to the preparation of our first birth. The rooms had added to our appreciation, and we had made up our minds of where we’ll be settling for the birth.

Fast forward to the day our princess would make her appearance; Sunita had felt increasing pressure and pains in her abdomen and lower back until the point she couldn’t ignore it. I reached out to Kathleen at 00:11, and she immediately answered us with advice. We had made our way to the clinic by 00:30, and the room was filled with God’s presence with the soft Christian music playing in the background.

Sunita had dressed for labour, and her mom and I made ourself comfortable around the bed as we were getting ready to support her throughout the labour.

Kathleen and Lindsay did an absolutely amazing job of making jokes, keeping everybody calm and attending to Sunita when necessary. Kathleen examined Sunita and Baby quickly made her way down the birth canal, coming only 2h30min after arriving!!

Our experience was nothing short of AMAZING! We feel like family every time we arrive at the clinic, and we get personal care as if it was the first time every time!

We are definitely planning a second child, and will not go anywhere else but back to Kathleen’s Mother and Baby Unit ❤

Sunita Potgieter Birth Sunita Potgieter Birth Sunita Potgieter Birth Sunita Potgieter Birth Sunita Potgieter Birth

Much love

Matthew & Sunita ❤

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