Tertia VRVO My Birth Story

Tertia VRVO My Birth Story

My story begins with hope… I hope we will be able to have another child, a sibling for our daughter Elizabeth.

After Elizabeth’s birth, we struggled to get pregnant again. We tried and tried, for almost 7 years and nothing. We gave up hope that we will be able to expand our family.

On my mother in law’s birthday lunch, my husband Pierre and I decided to hold on for one last try. Not knowing that I was already pregnant! The timing was finally right, we did it, we were blessed with a tiny human.

We struggled to find a birth place that spoke to us, that felt right. Until we came across Kathleen’s Mother and Baby Unit. From the moment we walked in, we knew this is the place for us.

Family is the word I would use to describe everyone at the birth unit. Every antenatal visit was an exciting day for me, a day I looked forward to.

Then came the birthday.

My contractions started at two in the morning. With me not having a clue if it was braxton hicks contractions or actual labour, I decided to wait before sending midwife Juane a message. At 5:50 that morning I decided I am too nervous to wait anymore, lets just make sure. She was so kind and reassuring.

When she examined me, we found out that today, 22 May, would be the day our baby girl arrives.

It was the most magical and loving birth experience of my life. I felt as if I had many mothers holding my hand and cheering me on. The care, love, and patience these women showed me, it is beyond any words I could use to describe them. My expectations were exceeded beyond imagination!

My husband and I could not stop saying thank you to everyone involved in the birth, it was a very special moment, a moment we can not imagine going more perfectly.

Thank you for the respect you showed us, the kindness and grace. I will forever remember the moments we shared, the laughs and the tears.

I love and thank you endlessly.

Tersia Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn

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