The birth of Alessio Romos Shokkos

What an experience it was, as a first-time mom finding out at the age of 21 that I was pregnant was never really ideal or planned. It definitely took some time to get used to. Going to scan after scan doctor after doctor I still wasn’t comfortable until we heard about Kathleen’s Mother and Baby unit what harm would it have been to check it out we thought of course I had my amazing boyfriend along every step of the way although we are both young he stayed through it all. From the first moment we visited Kathleen’s we couldn’t have been any more sure that this was the place for us, not only were all the staff friendly but they were all really involved and caring the unit is beautiful and clean the staff aren’t just staff that work there they’re all a part of something much bigger a family put together. Check-up after Check the time just couldn’t come until the night I thought he was arriving at first I wasn’t too sure what it would feel like or how I would know that I was close to birthing my son, I walked around inside my house for two hours timing my contractions to get a set time frame as they got closer to each other I woke my boyfriend up we then left our house to be closer to Kathleen in case it was happening, which in our case it was happening!!

As I felt the pain increase, I phoned Juané immediately without a wait or a second phone call she answered straight away and advised me to meet her at Kathleen’s unit. Sr Juané examined me at 4 am and I was already 2cm dilated I will say this is where it all got extremely real to me that it’s time I have never been so scared. Sr Juané walked me upstairs and got me settled in. By 9 am I was only 4cm dilated it felt like a lifetime she tried helping me dilate to lay with a bean ball between my legs I could not bear the pain of sitting down or laying down as the contractions came I started walking up and down and she did everything to make sure I was most comfortable she then ran me a bath which calmed me for a while I must say I did get cranky but never received so much support from anyone then all the staff at Kathleen we had many helping hands like I said a family brought together. I couldn’t bear the pain and felt the urge to push every time a contraction came which of course in a moment like this I needed my mom, I begged both her and my boyfriend to just take me to the hospital so they could cut I could not do it the family at Kathleen made me realise that I can and stuck with me every step of the way encouraging me giving all the support that they can by this time I was only 6cm dilated I was encouraged to breathe and try not to push after a while it felt utterly impossible, Sr Juané was called back to my room as she was up and down with another mommy as well when she came in and examined me again just like that I was fully dilated and ready to push! There were many helping hands I could never thank them enough for delivering my handsome boy, knowing everything about birth that I do now and all the pain it contains I would most definitely do it again as they told me it will all be worth it in the end and so it was the most perfect moment of my life was hearing my little boy cry his first cry. There is no other place that I would prefer they were amazing very loving and caring.

At the end of it all they taught me that there was never anything to be afraid of.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with the experience of a lifetime! You were all more than amazing.

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