Why should I consider Midwife-led care during my pregnancy and for the birth of
my baby?

Why should I consider Midwife-led care during my pregnancy and for the birth of
my baby?

Midwife-led care delivers positive pregnancy and birth outcomes. In midwife-led care,
the emphasis is on normality, continuity of care and being cared for by a known, trusted
midwife during labour.

If you’ve had a baby before and this pregnancy is low risk, giving birth at our birth-unit is
a safe and suitable option. This is because:

You are less likely to need an assisted birth, episiotomy (cut in your perineum) or caesarean section.
The risk of the baby having a serious medical problem (which is very low) are no higher than if you were in hospital. You may be more comfortable and relaxed at our birth unit, where we ensure a tranquil atmosphere. We allow your husband/partner to be present as support during your baby’s birth. We allow and encourage delayed cord clamping, Mom/Dad to cut the Cord, Vitamin K for baby, Immediate skin-to-skin as far as possible after delivery, promoting Mom-Baby and Dad-Baby bonding and Skin temperature regulation. Initiating the first latch and breastfeeding assistance.

Should there be any complications during your pregnancy or the birth of your baby, we have a back-up gynaecologist on call for private patients and a healthy relationship with gynaecologists at public hospitals.

Should you be interested, kindly send us a private message or contact us on 0100650975

Sr. Kathleen is the owner of Sr Kathleen’s Mother and Baby Unit and a Registered Nurse who specialised in midwifery.

After many years of delivering babies in the Public as well as Private sector, I realised
the need for a dedicated, passionate Midwife in the Ekurhuleni (East Rand) area. Due to the high demand, the practice has grown, and I am now assisted by Sr Oxana Mureri, who is also a Professional Nurse and Midwife, as well as two Birth Assistants and a General Practice Manager. We also provide the services of an on-sight Professional Sonographer and Baby Immunisation.

I believe that every pregnant woman deserves a caring, loving environment to labour and deliver in.

I ensure the best continuous care during and after labour. We can offer you a safe personalised birth that is still affordable, even if you don’t have medical aid. Clients with medical aid are also welcome as the practice is registered with medical aids.

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